'A lot of us use our microwaves simply to re-heat or defrost food, but the microwave is one of the most underused and undervalued appliances in our homes! If used properly our microwaves can save us a lot of time and contrary to popular belief microwaves do not kill nutrients in our food any more than any other type of cooking.'
So it is said on the web.

An yes, they're right; your microwave can:
- save up till half an hour preparation time!
preserve good vatamins!
- keep your spuddy firm and fresh!

 How to continue? See the steps below

Easy going version

Cook the potatoes in their skins:

     - Wash the potatoes
     - Drain
     - Prick with a fork
     - Put them in a dish suitable for 
       microwave cooking (approx. 7-10 
       min. on 900 W for 3 tubers)
     - After the time check for doneness by
       planting the blade of a knife

     - Possibly, if the potatoes are still hard after time, and return them back to cook a few minutes.

Active version 

Peel the potatoes!
(with a knife or a potato peeler)
     - Cut into even sized pieces
     - Wash with fresh water
     - Drain the washed potatoes
     - Seasoning the cut potatoes in a
       suitable dish 
     - Add salt + what you like: spices, herbs,
       bouillon cubes, ...
     - Pour a spoonful of water in the dish 
       of cut potatoes
     - Put a lid or plate that wrap over the dish
     - If using plastic wrap, pierce small holes
     - Bake in microwave (approx 8 minutes on 900 W for 3 tubers)
     - After the time, check for doneness with a fork

For more information about cooking times and useful tips, see our page "Tips & Trics"

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