1 potato COLOMBA (150 g)
150 g of white cabbage
90 g bacon
3 tablespoons white wine
6 sheets of filo pastry
salt and pepper

Wash the potatoes and cut into small chips. Remove ribs from cabbage leaves and slice into thin strips. Mix the potatoes and cabbage in a baking pan with white wine. Lightly salt and pepper. Cook covered in microwave oven for 4-8 minutes depending on oven, until potatoes are just cooked. Add the bacon 2 minutes before end of cooking. Preheat oven to 180 ° C. Cut the filo pastry into 2. Place a half sheet of filo pastry, rounded to the left side and right side cut. Brush with oil. Place 2 tablespoons prepared with potatoes in the middle of the leaf to 2 cm lateral edges. Fold the edges of the preparation and then fold the bottom edge and proceeding to the upper to wrap the filling. Place on a pie plate and fill all the wraps till you don't have any ingredients. Bake for 20 minutes. Turn halfway. Serve the wraps right after they are ready to eat. 

Expert’s Tip: add a few crushed juniper berries to farce. 

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